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2011-08-21 19:37:54 by Hormigas

Taking some electronic music classes, yea!


2011-03-26 22:06:47 by Hormigas

I dont really post songs hear anymore, looking for a small label to work with.

Just call me EnharmoniX

2009-11-23 21:40:28 by Hormigas

Im trying to get my user name changed and I have been told Tom Fulp can do that for me. I have messaged him but he does not respond. I think I have no other option but to just make a new account with my desired username. If anyone has any other ideas for my please lat me know.

-Hormigas (not for long)

*sad face*

2009-10-25 20:53:36 by Hormigas

Hormigas means ants in spanish. Yea I know it was a dumb idea but I had just finished my first year of spanish. I dont even take spanish anymore so I regret making it my username. Should I make a new account?


2009-10-13 00:24:23 by Hormigas

This I say come back to bite me so I'm keepin my mouth shut!


2009-10-11 01:16:01 by Hormigas

Everytime one of my songs gets of the top 50 of the trance page, it suddenly drops mega points. Kinda annoying huh?