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Just call me EnharmoniX

2009-11-23 21:40:28 by Hormigas

Im trying to get my user name changed and I have been told Tom Fulp can do that for me. I have messaged him but he does not respond. I think I have no other option but to just make a new account with my desired username. If anyone has any other ideas for my please lat me know.

-Hormigas (not for long)


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2009-12-06 02:06:36

Well... all
I can say is you either wait or you do so, but you could just be one of maybe thousand, maybe even millions, who message Tom on JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING to do with NG, so... who has time to look through that? But I could be wrong on those numbers. It's only been nearly two weeks, so just relax and wait.

Hormigas responds:

If he does not answer in two weeks, the pm will be buried way deep, no point in relaxing and waiting


2010-01-15 20:31:02

Hey! He will prevail :) Haha I actually had my username changed before, it did take awhile, but he/ someone did eventually change it.
I hope this encourages your wait :)